Corporate Training Module

corporate training program digiotai

The future of enterprises lies in uncovering true potential of Data and to do that, approaching emerging technology stacks in Silos doesn’t optimize the value of Data. The future lies in the adoption curve of taking a converged approach towards amalgamating IoT, ML, AI and Blockchain together to address Business Pain Points, unearthing disruptive Enterprise level use cases and realizing a roadmap to embrace a Digital driven future.

To do so, enterprises are looking for best of breed solution architects, and leads to address business pain points with a holistic approach, and thus need to Upskill and Cross Skill on DX related tech stacks taking a converged approach.

Introducing DIGIOTAI’s Convergence Digital Program for Corporates to enable workforces and reskill/cross skill/upskill them on major Data-driven emerging tech stacks revolving around IoT, ML, AI, and Blockchain. This is a First of its Kind program in India/Hyderabad, where Professionals will be skilled based on Business Needs of today, addressing Unique & Disruptive Use cases with a Hands-on experience involving IoT, ML, AI, & Blockchain.

The Course structure includes the following: It’s a 4 Month Tech Orientation on IoT, ML, AI, Blockchain

  • AI Orientation
  • Overview of AI, Industrial Needs & its Importance
  • Basic structure of an AI Ecosystem
  • Detailed Purview of Computer Vision, NLP, RPA, & Deep Learning Models
  • Core Python Libraries Orientation
  • Industry Specific Usecase Hands On
  • ML Orientation
  • Overview of Data Science, Industrial Needs & its Importance
  • Basic structure of Machine Learning Ecosystem
  • Detailed Purview of Supervised, Unsupervised & Reinforcement Learning Models
  • Algorithm Hierarchies
  • Industry Specific Usecase Hands On
  • IoT Orientation
  • Overview of IoT, Industrial Needs & its Importance
  • Basic structure of IoT Ecosystem
  • Detailed Purview of Sensors, Gateways, & Communication Protocols
  • Cloud Availability & Analytics
  • Industry Specific Usecase Hands On
  • Blockchain Orientation
  • Overview of Blockchain, Industrial Needs & its Importance
  • Basic structure of a Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Detailed Purview of Private and Public Blockchains
  • Detailing about Public Blockchain – Ethereum
  • Detailing about Private Blockchain – Hyperledger
  • Industry Specific Usecase Hands On

The above training will help Professionals to re-think and re-align their capabilities with a cross gamut of technology knowhow and would be able to participate in Solution Architect and Core Engineering Job roles.