Employee Spotlight

Published on: 19th February, 2019

  • Qualities To Describe Yourself.
    Ans: Responsible, Dedicated, Problem Solver, Accepting new challenges



  • What Are the things you like to do ?
    Ans: To learn new technology platforms, Disruptive Innovations 


  • What are your Career Goals ?
    Ans: To become a successful Digital Visionary and a technology thought leader



  • What Do You Like The Most About working with DIGIOTAI ?
    Ans: Open Culture, Learning about new emerging and disruptive technology stacks, flexible working models and great working ambiance



  • What are the Technologies/Business Functions you are working on ?
    Ans : IoT, Data Science, AI, AR/VR/MR, Blockchain



  • Describe your journey with DIGIOTAI in a sentence.
    Ans: Working as a DX – Business Consultant



  • What qualities of DIGIOTAI do you like the most ?
    Ans: Training the employees is the best part of DIGIOTAI. Very open working culture, Learning and Skills Development ecosystem